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One cannot walk barefoot everywhere.

It is said, and quite rightfully so, that healthy feet are a key to the health of the whole body. And as a leading Prague orthopaedist MUDr Vondráček states: “We have only one pair of legs for our lifetime, and should take care of those in a really good way!” Then, the most important thing for healthful shoeing is the choice of shoes for that one pair of our feet.

When choosing shoes, we have to give due attention to other substantial aspects beside sizes and widths. So, for example, even a narrow-shaped shoe tip or toe part, or high heels during longer wear subsequently cause irreversible pathological changes in human feet, such as sagging arch, painful calluses, hammer toes, hallux vulgus, shortened Achilles tendons and the like. Troubles that signalise disorders in the foot region can subsequently show through pains in whole legs, and also in pains of the spine, head and also in general fatigue. The real cause often remains unknown and we repeatedly go curing ourselves for something completely different. So care for feet means the first step to health!

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What we offer our clients

Shoes by the ORTO plus Co mainly have the character of profylactic, preventive footwear. They are worn as frequently as possible, in leisure time for walks and going shopping or at home and work for changing to – thus preventing the origin of foot defects even when fashionable, from health point of view not always suitable footwear is shortly worn. Admittedly, they are not and even cannot be a miraculous elixir for irreversible pathological changes in feet, but always noticeably alleviate arisen complications. The convenient shape of fussbett-type innersole with anatomic support to the foot and optimum height of heels or wedges at least markedly reduces, if not completely stops, deepening of pathological changes.

And other merits?

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  • the non-lasted shoe upper, hand-sewn to shoe bottom, enables to preserve full potential of leather to stretch, thus achieving the individual final shaping of shoe to every foot
  • the wave-shaped surface of fussbett innersole under foot provides constant ventilation and, in addition, through its action at stimulating points carries out non-irritating massage that effects a feeling of physical comfort and well-being
  • it limits perspiration and burning foot soles thus producing a feeling of permanently dry feet; this reduces the hazard of mycoses arising and, on the contrary, helps to eventually heal them
  • the conveniently shaped and very light PU sole spares joints and the spine through its absorbing quality, and also spreads treading forces over the whole human sole
  • the feeling of shoe comfort and foot ease (according to example) is further enhanced by padding of upper edges, sprung buckles, controllable volume of uppers, anatomic support to the foot, by flexible, hand-sewn attachment of shoe uppers to bottoms, etc.

Target group

These comfortable, convenient, harmless to health shoes made for men and ladies are designed for nearly the whole population including pregnant women. They have proved themselves well as leisure shoes for summer, and for the whole year round as slippers, shoes to change to, in clean operations like those in offices, banks, schools and in the household.

Respected clients, we are wishing you pleasant and comfortable walking in our shoes.
ORTO plus footwear – comfort, health, elegance – Your sound investment!

Healthy feet are key
to the health of the whole body